Health and Travel Advisories

It is important to consult with the following web sites to assist you in your review of potential destinations.

For health advisories and information about vaccinations and other medical precautions

For travel advisories

The State Department monitors conditions around the world and issueswarnings about travel to countries that it deems risky. Other websites that provide useful information are: British Foreign & Commonwealth Office,Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The University of Chicago's working assumption is that travel to countries or regions on the State Department's Travel Warning list is not permitted for undergraduate participants, except for students participating in the College's Jerusalem Program. There may be additional countries or regions; consulting with Risk Management at 773.702.1951 is necessary. There have been and may continue to be instances when an exception is warranted and granted. The following items will be needed for the Dean of Students in the College to review requests for an exception, including for participation in the Jerusalem Program:

  • Parental consent in writing for students under 21 years of age, including parental signature on the waiver signed by student. Download the travel waiver;
  • Explanation of the need to travel to the desired country instead of other possible destinations;
  • Explanation of the proposed activity to be conducted in the desired country;
  • Interview with a representative of the Dean of the College call 773.834.3780 to schedule an appointment with Sarah Walter.